Stabilization and Waterproofing.
Use for any type of soil in the World


The deep knowledge of the treatment of the existing soils  by the College of Technical Assistance Rocamix, and numerous studies and laboratory tests have enabled the College to determine precisely the scope of "Rocamix effect" in treated soils.
Thus it was created by Eng. François Lasserre (based on the Abacus of Plasticity of Atterberg)
Theorem 10 + 10 + 20
From these very basic laboratory study data, it is possible to confirm that the soil to be treated will be favorable to "the effects of treatment with Rocamix System"


Particle size - Passage to the 200 sieve (0.075 mm mesh space)
- Minimum 10% of the soil must pass through the sieve 200 and thus indicates that the soil contains sufficient "fine" particles that are sensitive to water and destroy the soils.
These "fine" particles may be silt (but does not respond to treatment) or clay and in this case can be stabilized with treatment of Rocamix system.
This distinction will be made through determining the Index Plasticity (IP) indicated by the Atterberg limits.
When 10% of the particles pass through the sieve 200, this facilitate soil treatment with Rocamix.
Plasticity Index (PI) - Degree of soil plasticity determined by Atterberg limits
- Between 0 and 5 -> Soil: NO plastic
- Between 5 and 12 ->  Soil : little plastic
- Between 12 and 40 -> Soil. plastic
- Top 40 -> Soil: very plastic
A plasticity index (PI) of at least 10% facilitate soil treatment.
Liquidity limit (LL) % of water it takes to move from the liquid phase to the solid phase.
- The Index plasticity  (IP) is the result of the difference between the Liquidity Limit (LL) and Plasticity Limit (PL), (formula in physics, WL = IP - WP). Therefore the Liquidity Limit (LL) must be a high percentage to allow greater the number % de Index Plasticity (PI)
A Liquidity Limit (LL) of at least 20% will allow number of Index Plasticity (IP) and this will facilitate higher soil treatment.

To summarize these observations, The College has created Theorem Rocamix 10 + 10 + 20 indicating that all soils containing these features can be treated with Rocamix system. Therefore, all the problems related to soil degradation due to the adverse effects of climate change can be solved by the Rocamix system ..

For all soils that do not have these characteristics, laboratory tests will be made with natural soil + Rocamix + aditive,  to determine the exact additive and doses of mixtures to obtain the "Rocamix effect."
In the most extreme case, an addition of 3 to 5% of clay mixed with the soil to be treated.

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