Stabilization and Waterproofing.
Use for any type of soil in the World


The soil is the most ancient construction material. the man discovered that he could mold the earth soil in the forms of square blocks , dry them at the sun , and use them to create the wall of their homes and also lead to use this material to elevate their cult platforms , before they could read or write....

The soil is a sturdy construction material, and prehistoric cities show this there clay made walls and there tumulus in every part of the world.

It was only in the late thirty’s of the past century that the scientist works with the soil started and t has evolve since then.

On these days it is possible use the ground and the rocks to support buildings, avenues, under-gradient that could resist the concentrated weight of wheels, waters grips etc…., under conditions that before was considerate inappropriate. Despising the long experience through a thousand years, ground construction still lead to technical failures, if there is no careful in the project as much the constructions.



THE SOIL STABILIZATION is important matter,
if there is no a serious study it could lead to big consequences.

Examples of these consequences.